Guidelines for Session Chairs

Guidelines for Session Chairs

General Guidelines

  • Please refer to your session schedule via the CORA 2023 Mobile App or interactive program.
  • Please arrive at the Session Hall/E-Poster station/Poster Area about 5-10 minutes before the session start.
  • Please prepare your own questions for the speakers in case of lower activity from the audience.
  • A technician/staff member will also be present in the hall at the AV table in the session halls and at the poster help desk in the poster area to assist with all technological features taking place during the session. Please notify them immediately of any equipment problems.

At the beginning of the session: Please ask people to silence any mobile devices, and refrain from photographing/recording the lectures.

  • Introduce yourself by name and affiliation.
  • Welcome the audience.
  • Outline, very briefly, the session content. “We are going to talk about: x,y,z”.
  • Encourage the audience to ask questions during the Q&A  portion(s) of the session.
  • Please follow the schedule closely and gently interrupt speakers if they exceed the allocated time for their presentation. 
  • Introduce the speakers and presentation titles when it is time for their presentation.
  • Take the initiative when appropriate to help stimulate questions from the audience and lead the discussion.

Please note: (excluding debate and curbside consult sessions)

  • If a presenter fails to attend the session, please excuse them and move to the next presenter.
  • If the session ends early, please solicit questions from the audience and lead a discussion.
  • At the end of the session, kindly thank the speakers and the audience for their participation.

Full Guidelines Based on the Session Type


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Session 04

Free Communication

E-Poster Discussion

Poster Viewing Walk Sessions

Curbside Consult
Case Presenters

Curbside Consult