Speaker Videos

Speaker Videos

Wondering what to expect from this year`s CORA scientific sessions?

Watch the speaker videos below to hear from our speakers!

Scientific Program
What to expect

Scientific Session 01:
” T2T in Rheumatic Diseases – Where We Are”

Debate #5
“When Should Targeted Therapies Be Used in the Treatment of Lupus Nephritis?”

Debate #13
“Is Protocol Biopsy Required in Lupus Nephritis?”

Scientific Session 03:
“Pregnancy in Autoimmune Rheumatic Diseases (ARD)”

Curbside Consult 01:

Debate 16:
“Which Cytokine Inhibitor Should Be Used First in Patients With Peripheral PsA?” 

Scientific Session 02:
“Is It Time To Change the Classification Criteria of Some Rheumatologic Conditions?” 

Debate 08:
“What Is the Best Instrument To Measure Disease Activity in SLE?”